Anorexie, Boulimie - Pascale Zrihen, Corinne Dubel
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. . . I’m scared to gain weight. . . My stomach and thighs are enormous. . . Chocolate is forbidden! . . .

This kind of thinking and similar situations render everyday life horrendous for adolescents and young women suffering from anorexia and/or bulimia. . .

This book is intended primarily for the patients in pain, but also for their family, near ones, and for health professionals confronted with these diseases.

To help you better understand and to begin to find solutions to these difficulties we play out scenes in the book between 2 characters: Emily, who is 16 years old and anorexic, and Juliette, who is 21 years old and bulimic. They both evolve through concrete situations, they go food shopping, go to restaurants, eat at their grand-mothers. . . We explain their difficulties through both dietetic and psychological angles and give practical suggestions to face up to these situations.

If you are concerned with anorexia or bulimia as a parent, brother, sister, loved one, friend, teacher, or co-worker, the theoretical part of this book will help give you a better understanding of how it works, and offer you a better stance to take in daily life: Should I prepare a separate meal for my daughter and myself?. . . Should I force her to eat? . . . Is it wise to hide food or lock cakes and cookies in the kitchen cabinet? . . . At what point should I start to worry?

As for health professionals, generalists, specialists, and paramedics who take care of such patients without understanding the depth of eating disorders, we collaborate with you on everyday situations you may be faced with in your office or in the hospital; you will find in these pages answers to questions we have identified and which you may have to ask yourself every day.

At the end of the book, we provide practical information and useful addresses for all.

Corinne Dubel and Pascale Zrihen both practice privately and work at a hospital. For many years they have been following teenagers, young women, and older women who suffer from anorexia, bulimia, hyperphagia, overweight, and obesity.

Corinne Dubel is a dietitian-nutritionist, with a BTS diploma in diet from the Académie de Versailles and she holds a University Diploma on “Problems of Eating Disorders” from the Université René Descartes.

Pascale Zrihen is a clinical psychotherapist and graduate from the University Paris 8 in clinical psychology and a graduate on behaviorism and eating disorders at the Université Paris 5 René Descartes

Cover illustration: ©Aurélie Poux

ISBN: 978-2-7163-1433-6